14 january 2021 / 09:02 617

What is radioactivity?
Many people suppose that radioactivity is caused by human exposure to the environment. But this is not the case. Radioactivity is a completely natural phenomenon inherent in matter since the beginning of the universe. Everyone is familiar with that different elements are found in nature, from hydrogen to uranium. They are conventionally divided into light and heavy elements. It so happened that some of the lighter elements turned out to be stable, and the heavier ones were unstable. Both space and earth are sources of radiation. Radiation power from terrestrial sources is much higher than the contribution of space.

Radon (222Rn), emitted from the earth's crust in the form of gas, is "responsible" for about 55% of the dose received by humans from all-natural sources of radiation. But even three hundred years ago, people learned to use the beneficial properties of radon. Lots of people have heard about the benefits of radon baths, which have a beneficial effect on the human body. After the procedure, the narrowing of the capillaries occurs, followed by their expansion, which helps to align the pulse and stabilize the blood pressure. Moreover, radon baths are considered to be the most effective in treating arthritis, skin diseases, and the functions of the genitourinary system.