Trade union

The trade union committee of the Uzatom Agency is a member of the Council of the Trade Union of workers in the oil, gas and geology industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and, in accordance with its goals and objectives, can cooperate with trade unions of other countries, as well as be a member of international trade unions. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Labor Code, the Law “On Non-Governmental Organizations”, the Law “On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees” and the Law “On Public Associations in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and other normative acts regulating the activities of non-governmental organizations, documents and in accordance with The charter. In its activities, the Trade Union Committee of the Agency is guided by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the labor code, acts and documents on the activities of the Trade Union Committee, local regulatory and organizational and administrative documents.   
The main goal of the Trade Union Committee of the Uzatom Agency is to protect the socio-economic, intellectual rights and interests of trade union members. To achieve these goals, the trade union committee adheres to the principles of social partnership when concluding sectoral agreements and collective agreements, organizing collective bargaining, monitoring their implementation, introducing a socially fair system of payment for working conditions, rules and regulations on labor protection, observing the use of all benefits and guarantees provided for regulations, organizing public meetings to protect socio-economic, labor, civil rights and professional interests of trade union members. The main task is to improve the health of employees, create conditions for mass physical culture and sports, ensure the effectiveness and universality of health improvement in conditions of rest and sanatoriums, etc.
            To date, the Trade Union Committee and the Agency have organized a number of events, various sports competitions, in particular, the Agency's employees participated in the football competition "Prime Minister's Cup 2019" organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, table tennis and bowling competitions among the Agency's employees.
            In addition, the trade union committee cooperates with various sanatoriums and recreation centers in the country to pay attention to the health of employees. All the opportunities for treatment and recreation in the medical institutions of their choice have been created for the employees.
            In addition, in honor of the Navruz holiday (March 21), International Children's Day (June 1), Independence Day (August 31), New Year (December 31), in the central office of the Agency and in the Forish district of the Jizzakh region, ceremonies, contests for children for low-income families in the region, as well as various gifts and awards.
            It should be noted that the Agency has great goals and objectives in the field of sports and health. Today, together with the Republican Council of the Trade Union of Oil and Gas and Geology Workers, negotiations are underway with countries such as the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries to hold various sports competitions, webinars and exchange of experience. This is evidenced. This is evidenced by the agreements on cooperation signed in October 2019 with the delegation of the Council of Trade Unions of ROSATOM.