First Deputy General Director

First Deputy General Director

Mansurov Bakhrom Mamatmuratovich

Phone: (998) 71 202 09 26

Higher education

Graduated from Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Oil and Gas with a degree in technology and complex mechanization of oil and gas field development, mining engineer

Labor activity: 1992-1998 operator, engineer, head of the department of management of gas fields "Shurtangaz" 1998-1998 Chief Specialist of the Directorate at the Management of "Uztashkineftgaz"

1998-2001 chief specialist, head of the group for control of construction activities on the site, preparation for work and start-up "Construction Department of the Shurtan Gas-Chemical Complex"

2001-2010 Chief Technologist of the UDU "Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex" at JSC "Uzneftegazdobycha"

2010 - 2013 Acting Chief Engineer of the UDU "Shurtan Gas-Chemical Complex" at JSC "Uzneftegazdobycha"

2013-2014 Acting Director of the UDU "Shurtan Gas-Chemical Complex" at JSC "Uzneftegazdobycha"

2014-2015 And about. chief engineer of the UDU "Shurtan gas-chemical complex" at JSC "Uzneftegazdobycha"

2015-2017 And about. chief engineer of LLC "Shurtan gas-chemical complex"

2017-2017 Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for Coordination of Production and Maintaining a Unified Technical Policy of Uzbekneftegaz JSC

2017-2018 First Deputy Chairman of the Board - Chief Engineer of JSC "Uztransgaz"

2018-present Deputy General Director of the Agency for the Development of Atomic Energy under the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Agency "Uzatom")

Functional responsibilities:

  • development of nuclear energy and nuclear technologies;
  • development of the national nuclear infrastructure;
  • development of the operating organization;
  • development of atomic science;
  • training of personnel for nuclear energy;
  • the international cooperation;
  • attracting foreign investment to the industry.