What is ICNT? 20.01.2021 What is ICNT?
ICNT - Information Center for Nuclear Technologies.

Potassium -40. 14.01.2021 Potassium -40.

Banana contains the radioactive isotope Potassium-40.

"Hot spots" 14.01.2021 "Hot spots"
The background radiation varies greatly in different places due to differences in the concentration of long-lived natural radioactive elements (uranium and thorium) found in soil and rocks.

Cosmic radiation 14.01.2021 Cosmic radiation

The entire surface of the Earth is exposed to radiation, but the radiation is distributed unevenly.

Radioactivity. 14.01.2021 Radioactivity.

What is radioactivity?

Water is the source of life for all life on Earth 14.01.2021 Water is the source of life for all life on Earth

Do we know everything about water, do we use it correctly?

Atom - human- world. 14.01.2021 Atom - human- world.
The entire world - from dust particles to huge galaxies - is made up of atoms. The atom is the fundamental unit of every element.

First cooling tower 14.01.2021 First cooling tower

Where and when did cooling towers first appear?

Did you know? 14.01.2021 Did you know?
Can you believe that a person can jump 6 meters high?! Of course, you say "It can't be!" But the laws of physics say it is quite possible. Not on Earth!

Eiffel Tower 14.01.2021 Eiffel Tower

As we know from the school physics course, solids contract when cooled, and expand when heated.


VVR-SM - research nuclear reactor 14.01.2021 VVR-SM - research nuclear reactor
VVR-SM is a research nuclear reactor that was launched 61 years ago.

Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant 05.01.2021 Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant
Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant
Do you know where and when the first nuclear power plant in the world was built?